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Stockholm Royal Seaport, Norra Djurgårdsstaden

Sustainable living on the waterfront

On the shores of Lake Värtan in Stockholm a new harbour front is taking shape. An ambitious green building project, will transform a former industrial zone into a thriving residential area with zero fossil fuel emissions by 2030.

Sustainable building showcase

Just a stone’s throw from the heart of the Swedish capital, Stockholm Royal Seaport is a new green district in the making. The former brownfield site and busy port – served daily by ferries and cruise ships – is the largest sustainable redevelopment projects currently underway in Stockholm.

When completed in 2030, Stockholm Royal Seaport will have 10,000 new homes and 30,000 additional work spaces in an environment that unites modern architecture with climate-smart and efficient infrastructure.

Learning from Hammarby Sjöstad

Stockholm Royal Seaport is being planned with the experiences and learnings gained from the Hammarby Sjöstad-project, it is a work in progress.

Sweden’s first smart power grid

Urban planners are seizing the opportunity to pioneer cutting edge solutions to minimise energy use and optimise waste management.

An intelligent electricity grid – the first of its kind in Sweden – will reduce annual energy consumption to a maximum of 55 KWh per square metre.

The fully automated system, currently being developed, will fine-tune heating and ventilation systems to run when electricity prices – and energy consumption – are lowest.

Mobility Management

Resource-efficient transport networks will enable people to travel, live, work and come together where and when they want – and in a sustainable way.

Stockholm Royal Seaport lies just 8 minutes by bicycle from Stockholm’s Central Station, and a brand-new city tram link will complement a network of cycle and walking lanes.

The district’s bus fleet will run on bio-fuels, and a city tram as well as new ferry links are also being planned.

Climate Positive project

Stockholm Royal Seaport is one of 18 projects within the global Climate Positive Development Program, launched in May 2009 by the Clinton Climate Initiative and the US Green Building Council.