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SymbioCity CleanWater offer

Sparkling solutions

SymbioCity takes a holistic approach to sustainable development. We find synergies in urban functions and unlock their efficiency and profitability. SymbioCity CleanWater offer is a business-led initiative that offers integrated water and wastewater treatment solutions from Sweden. SymbioCity CleanWater can design, construct, service and maintain solutions tailor-made to your needs.

From sludge to purified water, compost and biogas

The SymbioCity CleanWater Offer brings solutions that gives you increased supply of quality drinking water, puts less strain on ground water sources and reduces eutrophication. It also includes the production of zero fossil energy in the form of biogas from sewage sludge. With the SymbioCity approach your water management capitalizes on larger economies of scale as it integrates all potential synergies between urban technology systems. Flexible investment levels make sure you find your optimum. At SymbioCity, flushing the toilet helps run the local bus!

A source of life under threat

Some 1.1 billion people lack access to safe drinking water and about 2.6 billion are without basic sanitation. The UN forecasts that two thirds of the world population will face water stress by 2025 and that 1.8 billion will live in countries or regions where clean water is a scarcity.

SymbioCity CleanWater offer – no more water down the drain

As cities grow and the world gets thirstier than ever, efficiency holds the key to a sustainable water supply. Efficiency is at the heart of the SymbioCity concept: finding potential synergies in urban functions and unlocking their efficiency and profitability.


More than 60 partners from Swedish industry, municipalities, research institutions and government agencies are behind the SymbioCity CleanWater Offer. Partner companies can be contracted for a region, a single commission or to take responsibility for daily operation and maintenance of systems, equipment and installations. The partners have experience from over 10,000 projects in 100 countries worldwide.


  • Anaerobic digestion of sludge into biogas and pure methane
  • Collection and treatment of sewage and wastewater into clean water and sludge with high energy content
  • Distribution of methane to local gas grid or filling stations
  • Elimination of harmful chemicals and toxines
  • Purification of drinking water
  • Treatment of residual sludge into biofertilizer

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